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High Altitude Medicine and Physiology is invaluable for any doctor accompanying an expedition or advising patients on a visit to high altitudes.
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High Altitude Medicine. | Anesthesiology | ASA Publications

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Altitude Sickness Risk Factors

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Human adaptation to the high altitude environment

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Graduate Education

Anda Plasma catecholamines at high altitudes. Moore, R. Friedl, T. Kramer, L.

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Martinez-Lopez, R. Tulley, J. DeLany, E. Askew, and J. Vogel Changes in soldier nutritional status and immune function during the Ranger training course. Nelson, M. Noakes, T. Sports Sci. Normand, H. Barragan, O. Benoit, O. Bailliart, and J. Raynaud Periodic breathing and O 2 saturation in relation to sleep stages at high altitude.

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Pugh, L. Dill, E. Adolph, and C.